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Every Successful construction project starts with a good construction plan. JSKE Interior Renovations is a design /build contractor and we can assist you in several ways.

* We are trained to take accurate and detailed measurements of your space. The exact location of existing windows, heating and cooling registers , electrical outlets, ect is critical to designing a new kitchen or bathroom.

* We can evaluate your space structurally to determine If walls can be moved or eliminated.

* We can evaluate your existing plumbing and electrical systems to help determine there adequacy in serving a new kitchen or bathroom design.

* We have partnerships with a wide range of product distributors that are experts in there fields. The support of specialists representing the various product manufacturers we will use is critical from early in the design through to project completion . The relationships we have developed with these professionals help to ensure the seamless application of there respective product lines into your project.

A kitchen or bathroom remodel can be as simple as remove old and replace with new or as complex as a complete redesign involving removing existing walls and moving plumbing. Regardless of the extent of your needs, at least some interior design planning will be needed.

* We work well with several product manufacturers and can help guide you in selecting the products that will fit your lifestyle and your budget

* If you are in a situation where your existing kitchen or bath layout just doesn’t work for you, we can review with you new layout options that may serve your needs better.

Design Plan Services
Building and Installation Services
Kitchen and bathroom construction work is a speciality all of its own and requires oversite by a single individual that is skilled with almost every trade required to build a home.  We provide:

* On site lead carpenter that specializes in kitchen and bathroom remodeling and is trained not only in the woodworking trade but has specific knowledge of the plumbing and electrical system that your project will need to function properly.

*Plumbers and electricans that work along side and under the supervision of the lead carpenter to ensure that these syestems are acurately and properly roughed in.  


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